The big issue

The big issue, the main aim of this blog, is to ponder this question: For those of us who believe that the Catholic faith is the path to all goodness, beauty and truth, how can the schools that we govern set about passing on that faith to the children for who we bear some responsibility? The parents … More The big issue

Shine a light

All of our classrooms have what they call a ‘focal area’, a little space with some holy images to which the class turns to say their prayers. Most if not all have candles – battery-powered candles. You press the button and the light comes on, unless the battery is exhausted, or the bulb has gone. … More Shine a light

Steve Mosher on the environment encyclical: what we hoped for

This is what some of us were hoping for in advance of publication. The reality is something of a disappointment, especially because the media have been able to present it as ‘the encyclical on climate change.’ The inspirational theology has been crowded out by the dubious science and economics. “I hope that the Pope will … More Steve Mosher on the environment encyclical: what we hoped for

Why capitalism is not anti-Christian

Capitalism: Six popular misconceptions Capitalism encourages selfishness. The only successful capitalist is the one who satisfies his employees, suppliers and customers. Capitalism requires an almost obsessive regard for the other’s point of view. Capitalism encourages greed. It encourages independence, initiative, hard work, saving and investment. Greed is everywhere. Misers make poor entrepreneurs. Capitalism encourages individualism. … More Why capitalism is not anti-Christian